Calculation rules SOMERS

The reduction in national CO2 emissions in peatland areas must be monitored annually, in order to determine whether the Climate Agreement reduction target of 1 Mton from peatlands will actually be achieved in the long term. SOMERS (Subsurface Organic Matter Emission Registration System) has been developed for this purpose. With SOMERS, calculation rules have been determined that can act as an indicative support in determining the effects that proposed measures have on greenhouse gas emissions in peatland areas. They are estimates for ‘characteristic’ situations in three different regions of the Netherlands. The main objective of the models used to draw up these calculation rules is to monitor the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore look at the peatland areas with controlled water levels throughout the whole of the Netherlands.

The calculation rules for the ‘characteristic’ situations in three different regions of the Netherlands and an explanation of the use of the calculation rules can be found here.