Knowledge Exchange Venture with Wageningen University and TNO Research

The Knowledge Exchange Venture on 30 May 2022 focused on measurements with eddy covariance, nitrous oxide measurements, spatial variation, scaling up and aircraft measurements.

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  • Bart Kruijt, researcher at WU in the field of climate change, carbon cycle, land-atmosphere interactions and the Amazon, discussed measuring the variation in CO2 and methane emissions with fixed and mobile eddy covariance;
  • Researcher Arnoud Frumau of TNO explained nitrous oxide measurements using eddy covariance and advanced equipment;
  • Ronald Hutjes, associate professor of land use-climate interactions at WU, zoomed in on integrating measurements between the plot and landscape scale with the aircraft measurements that WU performs within the NOBV.

This Knowledge Exchange Venture took place in collaboration with the National Soil Subsidence Knowledge Program (NKB), Wageningen University (WU) and TNO.